How do I get a food parcel?

The food bank operates on a food voucher system. This means a referral agency can assess the need for a food parcel. You may already be getting help from CAP, CAB, a mental health worker, health visitor, school link worker etc and they should be able to help.

Once you have a voucher number, please ring in at any time to request a food parcel. You may need to leave a message. The phone is only answered on Monday, Thursday and Friday mornings when we are packing the parcels.

If you don't have a voucher number, please contact one of the referral agencies on the list. A full list of referral agencies can be found here.

When will the food come?

We pack on Monday, Thursday and Friday mornings (except Bank Holidays) and our volunteer drivers will bring the food out to your home. Deliveries will arrive between 12.15pm and 2.00pm approximately. The timing will vary from week to week, depending on demand. If you live in Wallingford, you are welcome to collect if you let us know.

What is in the parcel?

We send out a standard parcel. It contains tins of soup, vegetables, baked beans, fish, meat, spaghetti, custard, fruit, rice pudding plus dried pasta, pasta sauce, rice, sugar, jam, long life fruit juice and milk, cereal, tea, coffee, hot chocolate and treats. We also have nappies, wipes, sanitary pads and toiletries. From time to time we have other items donated which we can add to the parcel. The amount of food depends on the size of your household.


We struggle to get carrier bags to pack the food in so if you have food from us for several weeks, please return the previous week’s bags to the driver. Thank you!

Contact Us

Please note this number is attended only during food packing times on Mondays, Thursdays, and Fridays. If we cannot answer your call, please leave a message.

Tel. 01491 876677


"I was hungry and you gave me something to eat."

Matthew 25:35

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